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The work of Stockholm based artist Anders Krisár often deals with the human body. It is discomfiting, presenting objects of simultaneous horror and beauty. Krisár takes realistic casts of human body parts, torso, arms or faces to modify hem in ways that lend them a surreal quality. His aim is to explore interpersonal relationships and examine the complexities of the human condition.

Jodie Smith by Me
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Literally any guy would want me any time of the day even your fucking cousin- but you don’t want me and it makes me feel like shit bc I literally only want you right now. I’m over it. If you can’t feel anything for me no matter what I do you never will. Never ever. I know I’m alot to deal with but I know you know how I feel and if you made me feel even a little that you enjoy and don’t dread my presence maybe just maybe I wouldn’t do the one thing you hate which is be crazy and question you. You’re the least deserving of my love yet you want it the least. Everyone tells me about you but I am probably the only one that believes in you and you push me away. But I’m no longer going to make a place in someone’s life that doesn’t want me there. You have no one tying you back now, so if this is the real you, it’s the worst of all. You act like you’re honest with me, but you dint tell me things and that’s still lying. you don’t nor will you ever love me. I bid you good luck bc I won’t… Er CAN’T be around anymore. You probably won’t even read this. You probably don’t even care.


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